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Classic Basket Weave Pattern

Great For Comforting Aches In Feet, Knees, & Backs

Long Lasting And Durable

20x36 and 20x72 inch sizes

Eliminates Mold & Mildew With Bacteria Killing Additive

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Nantucket Series


Less Expensive Than GelPro Brand Mats

Non Slip Surface

Resistant To Mold & Mildew

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Floral Pattern


Unique Design

Very Comfortable & Shock Absorbing

Non Slip Surface

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Trellis Design


Wonderful New Colors

High Quality Materials

Comforting Gel Technology

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Wicker Design


Surface Has Nice Texture

Excellent Comfort

Same Great Gel Technology

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Ostrich Design


Relieves Pressure On Joints

Unique pattern

Many Colors

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Customer Review:  "I often get sore feet after standing for a while. After getting tired of replacing cheap foam mats every so often, I decided to take the plunge and purchase a high quality gel mat. I wish I had done it sooner. It is paying for itself due to its durability and quality. It is easily washed and does not move all over the floor like some mats. Most importantly, it feels great on my feet."

Gel mats are a revolutionary new technology in kitchen mats. The anti fatigue floor mats reduce discomfort from standing for short or long periods of time on hard flooring. They are great for everyone, including people with arthritis, back pain, and foot pain. Several different kinds of gel pro mats are available. Just click the links above to see a great selection of these fantastic mats for sale online. Anti-fatigue mats are truly a great addition to products available for kitchens. You may also find them great in bathrooms or other places where you stand often. They come in many colors, textures, and sizes to fit your home perfectly.

The most common sizes for these are 20 by 36 inches and 20 by 72 inches. They are soft and very good at shock absorption to help prevent fatigue and aches when standing. The gel mats have a non slip bottom and are easily cleaned with water and mild soap. Weight is evenly distributed when standing, and the gel conforms to the shape of your foot to relieve pressure. Other great locations to place these are laundry rooms, game rooms and garage work spaces. They are also engineered to be resistant to mold and bacteria. Unlike foam where the material quickly compresses to a hard contact point, these gel ones contour to your feet and distribute weight evenly. Every household should have at least one of these great products if not more. Friends and family will want them after testing yours out, so they also make great gifts for any occasion. Gel mats for sale come in classic colors and patterns that will go well with any interior design or home. Get started today be clicking the links above to view all choices available for purchase.